Make an impact with eco-friendly paper bags.

Switch to bestpac UK paper bags. Our paper bags are durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly – add your own logo or design for a personalised touch.

As proud PEFC (PEFC/16-33-70) and FSC® (FSC-CO22608) certified suppliers, we supply a rapidly expanding market who require high-quality, and cost-effective paper packaging solutions.

"A systematic approach to economic development, designed to benefit businesses, society and the environment"

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Eliminating unnecessary packaging
Using less packaging (light-weight)
Same material over and over
Segregating, collecting, sorting. Using recycled materials

Sustainability at Bestpac.

  • Solar powered energy
  • Waste recycling
  • Vehicles are fully electric
  • Water based inks

Solar power




Certification & Environmental

Our factory has an AA rating* from the BRCGS Packaging Materials, the highest grade possible, which reflects our dedication to creating a safe, progressive, and quality manufacturing environment.
* BRCGS certification is for our paper food bags only.

The highest quality
paper packaging.

Home compostable film.

We offer a premium cellulose film that provides an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics.

This packaging film is designed to protect and preserve whatever’s inside, including high-demand products such as bread and pastries.

  • Certified compostable and meets European and American composting standards
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Reduced plastic waste
  • Soil enrichment

Forest Stewardship Council.

Through FSC Chain of Custody Certification, we can assure the traceability and integrity of our responsibly sourced materials throughout the supply chain. Thus enabling you, our customers, to make informed, conscious choices when purchasing our finished product. This to us, is a valuable factor to consider in a world where we are all becoming more aware of our environmental impact.