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Paper Packaging and paper bag solutions.

Offering innovative solutions to paper packaging, our eco-friendly paper bags are available in multiple sizes and colours, including custom options.

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BRC accreditation

Get your paper packaging from the experts.

From e-commerce and postal packaging to paper bags with handles and paper food bags, all of our high-quality paper packaging is produced at our manufacturing factory based in Lancashire, UK.

Our experts create paper packaging at scale, dealing with large client contracts throughout the UK, offering the highest quality printing and colour options.

Our paper bags with twist handles are available to order in a variety of colours and next day delivery makes delivery convenient for stock orders across the UK. 

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Eco-friendly paper bags and packaging.

In an eco-conscious world we know how important sustainability is. That’s why all our paper bags are 100% recyclable and our factory uses the best and most up-to-date sustainable technology and production methods. 

There is always room for improvement and we’re dedicated to continually evaluating our performance and processes to ensure they are as sustainable as possible.

The future is green and the future is paper packaging. Our team of paper packaging experts can also produce and store large quantity orders to supply scheduled call-off orders, offering next day delivery to retailers and distribution centres throughout the UK.

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Paper Packaging Products

We offer a wide range of paper bags and packaging, meaning there’s sure to be an option that meets your paper packaging needs.

Paper Food Packaging

Paper food sleeves perfect for bakery and patisserie use.

Paper Bags

Recyclable paper bags with twist handles.


Who we are.

We have long championed the benefits of paper bags and packaging, not just for the environment but for your business needs, identity and profit margins. 

With over 100 years experience in paper packaging manufacturing, we supply a variety of paper bag products for e-commerce, postal, retail and food use. 

We are dedicated to operating as sustainably as we can and are currently working towards our long-term goal of becoming the UK’s most sustainable paper bag manufacturers. 

As proud PEFC and FSC certified suppliers, we supply a rapidly-expanding market who require high-quality, durable and cost-effective paper packaging solutions.

BRC certification at AA level*
*BRC accreditation is for our paper food bags only.
PEFC and FSC certified suppliers
Bespoke sizes and custom printed
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Infrastructure that works wonders.

From the moment you first enquire about our paper packaging right through the order and manufacturing process to delivering your paper bags, we have an infrastructure that’s tried and tested.

Part of the Mayer-Kuvert network, a major European packaging group, we have the experience and capability to produce quality paper packaging in large quantities. 

With 3000 total palettes of storage and 1million bags produced every day, we are able to produce and store contract orders for scheduled off-call orders that are available on a next day delivery model to UK businesses and retailers. 

When it comes to manufacturing and supplying paper bags we have over a century of experience. You can trust us.

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